C4CB58BF-53DF-419C-8060-2624CDFF7BBC.jpegPuma and United Emirate Arab (UAE) the campaign resonated with brand Jamaica by collaborating with Reggae sensations Lila Ike and Sevana. The two is said to be ideal for the brand.

As part of the new PUMA campaign, both Lila Ike and Sevana will not only appear in Dubai’s premiere culture and lifestyle magazine Sole DXB, but they will also appear at Dubai’s annual footwear, music, art and lifestyle festival Sole DXB, at the Dubai Design District in Dubai.

The 2019 Sole DXB is slated to take place over three days, from December 5-7, and will this year celebrate all things Jamaican, with performances on the main stage from Protoje and Koffee, while Lila Ike and Sevana, will both perform in the PUMA space. All four Jamaican entertainers will appear at the festival on Friday, December 6

.The campaign  was shot by film director Nile Saluter in Portland, Jamaica. Sole DXB is an annual footwear, music, art, and lifestyle festival that takes place in the Dubai Design District in Dubai, UAE. The festival was inaugurated in 2011, and its most recent iteration took place from December 7 to 9, 2017. Brands like Nike, Adidas, Puma, Reebok, and others have exhibited at the festival.