Wayne J Released ‘Perfect’ From The Renaissance EP

67EADD96-F33B-447F-8F0D-375106518DDA.jpegWayne J is now sixteen years old, and still on the quest for positive music as he mature with hard thumbing lyrical content and still wiser beyond his years.

The young legend career began as early as three years of age when then-toddler naturally had  a great amount of confidence, stage presence and an all-round performing dominance, that evolved in the young man we see today.  Wayne J, not only thriving in music he is also a recycling activist and philanthropist.

Recently,  he released a single from the The Renaissance Ep called Perfect produced by Bob Bouchard Production.  The infectious soulful reggae vibe and production is marvelous and needs to be heard. Wayne J unlike anyone else doing it in the industry, he is the youngest who has a signature sound, that  advocate for the youth, political injustice and daily controversy. While we don’t live in a ‘perfect’ world  Wayne J want us to be thankful no matter the circumstances. It’s believed that this youth future is bright and  it’s a matter of time before he cross over to mainstream audiences.