Music Producer Nia Orea Newly Release Sticks Track


Nia Orea, a recording producer, musician and DJ newly dropped a project called Sticks.

Her musical dimension is one to say is unconventional being an island gal out of Jamaica is unheard of.

Nia Orea is multi-genre music producer, with strong influences within the EDM industry as well as other genres like Pop and Hip Hop. However, Sticks production is highly influenced by Hip hop.


The introduction of the riddim starts off like a horror movie instrumental of the xyclone leaving you with a great amount of suspense until the drums drop!  You would be blown away, your heads would be nodding and your face would get intense with how to impress you would be.

Her intricacy and musical background and style is rather aggressive and doesn’t take away from her being a feminist.

The male-dominated arena can’t shadow raw talent and that’s what Nia Orea is in the space to do, to set example as she progressively works on more production, Ep and featured tracks.