Supreme Collaboration with Dancehall legend Buju Banton


A few days ago Supreme unveiled  a teasers for its upcoming collaboration with Jamaican dancehall and reggae legend Buju Banton.

There were many speculations of the product line as it was greatly anticipated. Supreme, is a designer brand that  caters to the culture and it was an ideal match for the two.

Banton became a fixture in the music industry during the early ’90s with the release of two critically-acclaimed albums,Stamina Daddy and Mr. Mention. The 2000s saw even more success for Banton musically as he nabbed a Grammy for his album Before the Dawn in 2011 — his earlier works Rasta Got Soul in 2010 and Friends for Life in 2004 also received Grammy nomination nods.

Supreme launch the t-shirt line was today, June 27, and immediately fans to a frenzy  and the line of shirts were  sold out within five hours.