Charly Black – Party Animal Is Officially Gold

3DC9B8D7-28E1-4D7D-B905-FA8B5AB44ED8In 2016, Charly Black’s Party Animal became a diamond-selling record in Latin America. Three years later, the song is still selling units and has now been certified gold in the US. Charly recently received his official gold plaque for the achievement from the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA).

A grateful Charly Black said that the song’s success was the product of teamwork.

“God is in control. The record is truly a worldwide hit. And to also know that it is loved this much in the US is very humbling, and all praises must go to God for this blessing,” he said.

“I have to big up Demarco for creating such an infectious rhythm that helped propel the song to where it reached, and to Kurt Riley, the producer. Also to Daddy Yankee and Luis Fonsi for helping to take the song further on an international level, and to my label Universal Music/Aftercluv for believing in global cultures and specifically for believing in dancehall music and for giving me the platform to do more big tings. I just want to big up all my fans and supporters and for them to look out for my debut album on Universal coming in a few months’ time.”



source: The Jamaica Star