Buju Banton Charity Initiative

5E53B473-E69B-4752-9A2B-E13675AEADFC.pngEarlier this year, iconic reggae entertainer, Buju Banton, announced the launch of his foundation aimed at providing support to the nation’s youth that are in need.

Buju Banton affirmed then, “I know what it is for a child to go without basic necessities. I also know what it is to be a youth with big dreams and lots of determination but unfortunately, daunted and unable to achieve your destiny due to lack of a helping hand.”

As part of the entertainer’s promise to have the Buju Banton Foundation give back, recently  coinciding with the Jamaican’s Labour Day activities, an enormous supply of food and personal care items were donated to the Possibility Programme Youth Hostel, a care facility housing at-risk boys between the ages of 13 and 21.

Although Buju Banton was unable to attend due to his responsibilities to the Long Walk to Freedom Tour which has seen the entertainer perform across several islands in the Caribbean, his team shared a message with the teenage boys, “It is not an easy road, my children. However, Jah has blessed me so I have made it my mission, through the Buju Banton Foundation to help, by giving light to youth living in the darkness of poverty and through provision of food and other resources thus ensuring they too have equal opportunities to succeed.”




Source :The Jamaica Gleaner